Our service is ideal for both Domestic and Commercial properties, especially if you:

Need to match your old aluminium windows to new windows, extensions, renovation or paint job?

Have aluminium windows that are dull and faded?

Live on the coast and the salt air has started to eat your aluminium windows away; corrosion starting to set in?

Need to update your property prior to selling or a property you have just purchased?

Need to get the windows, door rollers, fly screens or fly doors properly functioning?

Want to update and maintain a rental property?

Specialised Spray Applied Coating

Does your house have old fashioned anodised aluminium windows?

Has the colour of your aluminium windows faded out with age?

Do you just want to change the colour of your aluminium windows?

Do you live near the ocean and the salt air has started to eat away at your aluminium windows finish?

Do you think you have to replace all your aluminium windows to renovate your house?

Do you have stuck rollers, doors, fly screens or fly doors and require maintenance?

If your answer is yes to any of these Questions?

Then you need to turn your old windows into “New”!

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